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This website is the only place where i will post my most playful, secret, and exciting pics and videos. I built this especially for you guys, my fans, so if you want to be a part of the secret special moments of the fun i have, create an account now. This VIP account will provide you all my updates for new shoots, trips i am planning, and performance dates, so if you wanna keep up with me, make sure you're keeping up with all of me I try and do a little something special for my new fans, so expect some exclusive live shows for when you get inside.. i like being real-time for all my fans, and i really like having fun and enjoying myself! Why not come inside, and have some fun with me?

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Posted: March, 21, 2016

41564-Girlie-Girl-Nadia Vixen


 I'm a total "girlie-girl" and I love being treated as a girlie-girl. Its the little things that guys do that make me feel like a pretty girl. A few days ago I went to the bank and as I was walking up to the front door a man was just ahead of me and he saw me walking up and he opened the door for me and smiled as he made a polite hand gesture for me to enter first. I smiled back at him as I walked though the doorway into the bank. After I was done in the bank and getting in my car another guy was smiling at me and giving me nice compliments, he thought I was a strip-dancer. I just politely smiled and got in my car, drove off to the nail salon.
 Now I have had that happen a thousand times before this last time and it still always makes me feel good and girlie each and every time because that means the guy who is opening the door and smiling at me, sees me as a pretty "passable" girl and that is what ALL shemales strive for. To be able to go though "main-stream" life and nobody notices that I'm a shemale.

Being a hot "passable" shemale is so fun. I love dressing in slutty girlie dresses with sexy high heels and I love the attention and compliments from men. I love when men whistle at me from their cars as I'm walking down the street and I love when guys smile and wave to me when I drive by in my classic Corvette. I love when a man opens and closes my car door and the buildings doors when and where I arrive and leave places. I love going out and guys faces light up when they see me.

I LOVE a sharp dressed man in a suit. I am 5'9" tall so I like guys to be at least 6'3" tall, so I am not taller than them when I wear my heels and none of my heels are less than 6 inches. I like a clean-cut guy, nice shaven face, nice thick head of hair or totally shaven head. I love jocks, guys with big muscles to make me feel like a little sissy-girl.

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